Classic Super Mario Bros

Classic Super Mario Bros

Classic Super Mario Bros

When I was a kid, my father bought me the Nintendo Entertainment System in Tulungagung (a town about 40 km from mine) for Rp. 197.500 in … I don’t know, probably somewhere around 1989… and the day after I was finally able to play my own NES. And Super Mario Bros was my first cartridge. I wish I don’t have those awkward feeling when I want to say this, but I love you Dad.

I hope this theme can make anyone from that era to fly back and enjoy the memory of those good ol’ days.

Install link:

If you like or use this theme, please leave a message here, thank you.


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  1. man i really love this thanks 4 making this

  2. I had my first Nintendo around early 90’s, I was in elementary. I begged for months until my Mom finally bought it. It’s already the new edition, the one with 999 games already installed (I can’t remember the numbers). It was Rp 149.000,- which is quite expensive at that time.

    I definitely will use this theme :) thx for sharing the good ol’ memory…

  3. I’m currently using this theme on my plurk, froufrou. Thank you so much. It’s very nicely done. =)

  4. hoo.. thanks!

    Udah saya cobakan, dan berhasil :)

  5. cute! thank u…

  6. keren

  7. very nice theme, im using it right now…

  8. i love this. reminds me of uncomplicated childhood that is. :D i’m using it. thanks for sharing it for free. :))

  9. thanks, it’s so cute… I used to play this game until now

  10. I just loaded this one up on my plurk page. I love it. Thanks!

    • I just loaded this one up on my plurk page. I love it. Thanks!

  11. tulungagung??? wah deket tuh ma kotaku

  12. Thanks man~ I really love this Plurk Template!

  13. now that just rocks!!!! :) Thanks for sharing it. now, I see all geeks rockin’ that on their plurk page. :)

    I’m going to animate it… I’ll post the backdrop when complete. :)

  14. Excellent just what i wanted! This is soo cool! :D

  15. Hey, thanks man this is so wicked cool.. could i use it for my Plurk?.. thanks man.. great work! ;)

  16. thanks for your Mario, I love it!!

  17. wow, thanks for the Mario theme~~ i love it!! :)

  18. Using this as my plurk theme! :) Love it.

  19. I like the idea on this one. Can i use it? ^_^

  20. this is REALLY nice! i’ll use it. thank you! :)

  21. ♥ TENGKYUH!!! ♥

  22. tnx.. yehey!

  23. so pretty,my childhood pleasure. Thanks.

  24. Thanks a lot,I really love the theme!

  25. cute! :D

  26. I like it.

  27. Currently using this theme, reminds me of my childhood days :D

  28. using this theme. thanks a lot!

  29. nice theme! first game i ever really loved :)

    thanks for making this theme :D

  30. thanks a lot :D

  31. i hope you won’t mind me using this :D thanks!

  32. so cute!!!! I like it.
    Can i use it?

  33. I love it, thank you

  34. So cute, I like it, I’ve applied it to my plurk profile, thank you very much for making such a nice theme :)

  35. thank you 4 ur idea~

  36. I like it

  37. awesome ty :)

  38. I like it….Thank you for sharing with us.

  39. THX YOU

  40. thx,cool !!

  41. great, MARIO

  42. this is so classic,
    i want it,
    can i?

  43. thank you!

    It’s a background~^^

  44. So cool!
    love it:)))

  45. I’ll take this theme out,
    Thanks a lot.

  46. I LIKE…

  47. LOVE IT :)

  48. i use it, thanks for share!:)

  49. Thanks for sharing. :-) This is adorable. You did a fabulous job. I plan on plurking to let everyone know I got it from you. :-)

  50. Thank you.

  51. love it!
    thank you.

  52. i like it.

  53. Thank you!

  54. 謝謝…我很喜歡..

  55. thanks:)

  56. I like it so much!

  57. 謝謝分享


  59. 謝謝分享!!

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