100 Acre Woods

100 Acre Woods

100 Acre Woods

This is an upgrade I made to my wife’s Pooh theme. Will look good at any screen resolution because background repeats nicely.

Install link: http://www.plurk.com/installDesign/215334-3f57f05251

Published in: on September 22, 2008 at 9:54 pm  Comments (47)  

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  1. whatz the code… itz Cute… pLz.. wats its code??? =D

  2. the code’s updated =D

    • hi,,,im new on this ,,,can you teach me how to use this on my plurk,,,,really love it…..tnx….

      • done it already,,big tnx to you,,,,,god bless….

  3. so cute! thanks for sharing!

  4. CUTE

  5. It’s so cute and looks so great! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. hiiii..i’m also a pooh fans….soooo may i use this theme pleaseee…pretty pleaseee, thanx a lot

  7. eNx vewi Much..

  8. It’s really sweet looking and I love all the details! Thanks for making this!

  9. cute,love it!!

  10. how can i see the code without actually installing it?

  11. It’s so cute
    thanks for sharing!

  12. Thanks for sharing! I’m using it right now. ^_^

  13. Love the theme!
    Thank u so much for sharing!
    xoxo! ^^

  14. Thanks for sharing! :)
    It’s really cute and sweet!!

  15. I love this! :D

  16. So cute! ^^ I’m trying it.

  17. thank u for sharing…i use this for my plurk. I really love pooh and friends.

  18. hmm..mas satebabi,kalo ada theme pooh lagi bilang2 yaaa…thank u..

  19. thanks a lot for sharing it! i’m using it on my plurk now.. thanks again!

  20. hello. i really like your design. hope you don’t mind if i use it. Thanks :)

  21. i am using it now too .. thx a lot!

  22. Really cute! It doesn’t appear on my profile as shown on the thumbnail, though. Why is that?

  23. kawaii, i like it :)

  24. I’m using it on my plurk.

  25. Hi! thanks for sharing your talent…! I really love the design you made. As a matter of fact I am now using it. I hope you dont mind. Thanks so much!!! :D

  26. This is really cute!!!Thanks for your kindly sharing.

  27. thanks for sharing…. GOD BLESS

  28. HEY! im going to use this masterpiece of yours! :) hope you make more! and do consider doing hello kitty stuff! <3 thanks!

  29. love this one

  30. it’s cute! thanx

  31. can you do a Chip N Dale plurk theme?

  32. Thanks for your share. :)
    It’s so cute! (L)

  33. Thank
    I like.

  34. woo!so cute thank!!

  35. thank you=)
    so cute !

  36. Thanks for sharing!!

  37. thank you=)=)
    really cute

  38. cute

  39. thank you:)
    so cute

  40. Thanks for sharing! :)
    It’s so cute !!

  41. it is very cute
    thank you for sharing

  42. Thank you!!

  43. Thanks for shring!

  44. Thanks. I like it . It so cute.

  45. so cute~>w<

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