One Piece

Install link:

My favourite manga! It’s just the background and the dashboard part, some text colors are from Plurk’s template. Right now it’s using Bon Clay animated gif as the day mark.
Note: since it’s a fixed image, the dashboard will look bad if you have your About too long.
Below are some alternative for timeline background, make sure to replace the whole #timeline_holder tag.

Pirate King Gol D Roger

#timeline_holder {
background: url( no-repeat center black;



#timeline_holder {
background: url( no-repeat left #010101;
border: none;

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26 CommentsLeave a comment

  1. Bob, why not share the template to

    **hihi, self promo*

  2. :-D ga ah plurknya gak universal semua browser, malu (s_dance)

  3. MANTAP OM !!!

  4. saya percobakan yaaaa. kebetulan penggemar one piece juga. tengkyuu.

  5. i love it!
    thanks a lot!


  6. alright! (s_dance)

  7. great template!

  8. bagus om ^^ izin pakai yah om ^^

  9. Thank u !!
    Thank u !!

    I love it !

  10. waaaaaaaa!!!love it!! :)

  11. Ijin pake juga, disuruh istri :p

  12. gah.. taking this one again!

    thankies! ^O^)/

    one piece is really cool isn’t it? :D

  13. Its cool! like it

  14. I’ll take Going Merry with me…SO GREAT..THANK YOU!! :)

  15. firefox only ya bro?

    tapi di chrome tetep keren kok

    thanks, great layout as always

  16. Thanks a lot.
    It’s so cute.

  17. thanks

  18. Hello!

    I’m going to use this theme. Thanks for sharing it.

    Actually, I also like your deviant art theme for its simplicity.


  19. I love this theme and also love ONE PIECE!!!!

  20. It’s so cute, I like it very much.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  21. Thanks for sharing~
    Luffy, GO!!!

  22. 讚讚讚..真想收集一整套

  23. THANKS!~~

  24. thank you!!that’s so good

  25. aku jg ngefans sma one piec

  26. fanc Onepiece jg :D

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