Friends and Fans Pictures

Bored of your ugly fans’ and friends’ pics sitting on your dashboard? Or simply want certain pictures to be displayed there rather than random pics? You can also replace them like you replace the badges. (more…)

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For those fond of… (more…)

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Castlevania: Bloody Orchestra

Bloody Orchestra

Castlevania: Bloody Orchestra

Bloody Orchestra is just a name I came up because everything is red, not the name of an actual Castlevania episode.


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Happy New Year

Heya people, Happy New Year to all.

I haven’t been making any new themes, I’m still annoyed with constant changes Plurk made and the latest would be scrambling filenames and suddenly blow pictures up. As so, some filenames may be obsolete in my CSS Kit… whatever, I won’t update anymore of it.

Anyway, no post for total rant so I’d give you something that probably a lot of people already know, about “how to use people’s theme without knowing the install link”.

When you stumbled on someone’s plurk and you love its theme, just save the whole page to your harddrive, then look for GetCustomCss.css. Just paste everything in it on your plurk customization form, and voila, you get the theme.

I fixed One Piece: All Blue for the latest change, btw.


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New icons_gif.gif and icons_png.png

Plurk has changed (again) some way the layout behave. This time it’s the way some layout images are displayed. Plurk now use .cmp_(insertvariablehere) tag for timeline loading, buttons, etc. Only two images are currently used for all those.



As for the tags, just save your plurk and look in the timeline_all.css everything that starts with .cmp. (or just view my updated Plurk CSS Kit)

Rant: these changes have made me losing my mood to create any more theme if later plurk changed something in it and I have to edit it and post new links all over again…

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Plurk CSS Kit

I’ve written a document containing list of tags to help people customizing their Plurk. It does not tutor step by step and complete detailed customization, however, just a list and a bit tips and tuts, you still have to do your homework regarding your own creativity, applicable CSS properties, etc.

Updated: 30 October 2008, Plurk changed the tag for some layout images, easier to customize now, I’ve list them in the UPDATED section but I’m not in the mood for updating anything else within.

View The Document

Hope it helps.

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There’s a new tag added in Plurk’s css today, it’s as the following.

#sharePlurk {
background: #953e16;
position: relative;
border:1px solid #632a0a;

#sharePlurk span {
background:url(/static/shareplurk.gif) no-repeat left bottom;
padding:8px 0 1px 40px;

#sharePlurk input.clipboard {
border-color: #743817 #b46642 #b46642 #743817;

#sharePlurk div {
padding:6px 8px 6px 8px;
border:1px dashed #632a0a;

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Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid


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Classic Super Mario Bros

Classic Super Mario Bros

Classic Super Mario Bros


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One Piece: All Blue

All Blue

One Piece: All Blue


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